Designing and constructing data infrastructures for digital marketing communication patterns

Today’s marketers have innovative solutions at their disposal to execute campaigns across numerous digital platforms. With the latest technology marketers accumulate data and act on real time insights in a way they will never achieve using traditional media. The biggest challenge is to incorporate all digital elements to ensure the continuous flow of quality data. TRACK ZERO assists marketing teams, media agencies and publishers to design, build and maintain highly sophisticated data infrastructures to support every digital marketing effort. Relying on with 15 years of digital experience TRACK ZERO provides detailed and thorough knowledge of the major links in the data-driven marketing process.

Data Driven

The focus of all TRACK ZERO activities is data. For example, by using this site on a desktop computer you are aware of and allow the collection of all kinds of data. TRACK ZERO is using data to improve the user experience, analyze the visitors behavior, build profiles and retargeting pools. All these data are used to craft valuable insights in order to visualize existing and future marketing projects. Of course, “data” and specially the BIG variant are considered buzz words these days, although a buzz doesn’t last decades. Data have been available since the birth of the first computer, but are now accessible on larger scales by smaller investments.

Strategy & Planning

TRACK ZERO helps organizations to design and implement data-driven strategies by presenting a holistic view of the modern marketing process. On every level: from the review of the technology stack and implementation of new modules to the execution of tactics for short term digital communications flights. For organizations in every link of the marketing chain: advertisers, agencies and publishers. TRACK ZERO works with highly specialized professionals to ensure, among others, the best media buys, creation of advertising rich media assets or implementation of ad management/tag management systems. The main goal is to construct of solid yet nimble infrastructure for quality marketing data.


Data-driven marketing can’t be separated from technology and the marketing stack is claiming a prime spot in any organization. Advertisers use marketing automation tools to cultivate their customer lifecycle management and implement state-of-the-art segmentation techniques. Agencies are reinventing their strategic position as a tech/data hub between the advertiser and digital media. Publishers and networks are follow the same path as they are positioned as the final execution point of display marketing tactics. TRACK ZERO provides the overview to combine and manage the data sources of the major links in the data-driven marketing process and is continually working to build strong relationships with high-end technology vendors.

Production & Execution

In cases where strategy, planning and technology is already in place, companies can use the 10+ year experience by outsourcing the project management role. TRACK ZERO manages the production of digital assets for and the execution of media buys with a unique set of skills and practices. When the creation of content or Flash and HTML5 assets is necessary, TRACK ZERO relies on a network of highly qualified professionals to ensure a top end package. The execution of the media buys consists of tactical and technical concepts, A/B testing, the setup of the flights in the appropriate systems (ad management, RTB, etc.), monitoring of progress and the adjustment of placements.

Analysis & Reporting

During and after the execution of the various media buys TRACK ZERO analyzes the campaign data and reports back with clear and useful insights, using the systems of the client or additional tools like visualization software. Points of attention: conversion data, frequency and user segmentation. Besides the pragmatic analysis of marketing communication data, TRACK ZERO designs and constructs Business Intelligence dashboards in corporation with the analysts and ICT team of the client. These specific skills are available and applicable to advertisers, agencies and publishers.

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